Boblex was recognized as an Azure Provider based on the company’s expertise across small business services, cloud migration and managed services, ERP hosting services, business continuity, advisory services, advanced security management techniques, and constant improvement methodologies for Azure clients.
Boblex will continue to deepen its collaboration with Microsoft to deliver end - end services to enable small business migrate and manage workloads on Azure. With this collaboration, Boblex’s Migration factory built for Azure will help small business in mordernizing their applications and Databases seamlessly to the cloud. With specialized skills for OpenSource databases like PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL etc. and customized commercial database management services is enabling small business to transform on a cost-effective model while providing flexibility and agility to the small business IT.

Robert P. Cloud, Founder & CEO at Boblex, said, "Our latest achievement is a testament to the depth of our Microsoft expertise and capabilities. We are committed to delivering value-based business outcomes by staying true to our ‘Total Ownership Philosophy’ and helping small bueinss seamlessly deploy and manage workloads on Microsoft Azure. Our deep technical expertise as a Azure Provider allows customers to focus on their core business functions and trust us with managing the intricacies of cloud.”

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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