Boblex has added new SSL Certificates powered by Sectigo, the world's largest certificate authority. Partnering with a reputable certificate authority is just as important as selecting the right kind of certificate. We are confident in offering customers website encryption solutions supported by a recognized and trusted Certificate Authority.

Boblex also provides Amazon and AWS managed cloud services to help small businesses secure and grow an online presence. Sectigo SSL joins the ranks of Boblex's expanded offering of domain names, hosting, security, and corporate brand services. Boblex partnered with Sectigo in Q2 of 2019 to offer easy to install and competitively priced SSL. Since then, Boblex has extended the security offering to include new certificates, available at 

The process of installing and managing SSL certificates is traditionally cumbersome even for advanced users, which is why Boblex streamlined and automated the process to reduce work on the individuals. Boblex's cloud platform gives small businesses greater control and visibility into certificates being issued for their domains, making management easier while enhancing security.

Serving over 500 small businesses in over 50 states, Boblex carries an array of SSL certificates for small businesses. Boblex offers a solution for every need, with SSL ranging in validation type, liability protection, and visual security indicators. For companies with significant security requirements, there are various extended validation (EV) certificates available.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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